Glinting Topaz

Adventure 8

Stuff happened at the circus. Party saved people there. Killed illusionist, and managed to find another piece of the puzzle. This ‘piece’ wiggled its way into Agnew’s dagger, distracting him fully. The group is trying to recover from their night, and see where they should go next.

Adventure 7

For the first time since everyone threw their names into the proverbial hat, (i.e. signed up for the mercenary work) the party is given free reign to do whatever they see fit. As is the case with any heroes searching for news, they, along with their newest party member Vistra, started scouring the taverns and inns for some news about what is currently going on around town. They didn’t need to look far before they found an all too familiar face. Flip the halfling apparently made his way up to Sentry’s Hope, and had made some impressive friends. Dining with a minor noble of the town, and surrounded by said noble’s ample guard, Flip openly taunted the players as Merielle moved to speak with him. Not willing to play a game of intrigue, Merielle blurted out accusations and challenges to Flip, who promptly set up a meeting outside of town at sundown.

Since it was still early afternoon, the party decided to poke around some more in order to see what else they could find out. They entered a slightly seedier tavern, and Merielle immediately gravitated towards of group of rowdy half orcs. Because of her lack of funds, Merielle revealed that she is not above offering alternative means of payment for what she wants. She immediately organized a game, with herself as the prize. In a mind-boggling turn of events, Merielle ended up alone in a room with a large half orc. The rest of the party anxiously awaited for a cue to do something, but Merielle didn’t seem too worried. It wasn’t long before a shout of pain coming from the half orc alerted Vistra that Merielle had made her move. In an impressive display of battle prowess, she immediately engaged an entire table full of half orcs, and combat began. No strangers to battle, the half orcs quickly grabbed their weapons, and an all-out bar brawl commenced. The patrons seemed to be enjoying the impressive display of skills shown by the party, so they hindered the bouncers’ efforts in stopping the fight. They couldn’t be delayed forever, and the bouncer threw the remaining half orcs and the entire party out of the bar.

Battered and bruised, the party decided to rest up before they confronted Flip. Deep inside, they knew that they needed to make him pay for the run-around he put the party through, especially when the endgame involved their deaths. Waking up to find the sun about to set, Merielle, seemingly on a whim, purchased a wagon and horse. It’s still a mystery as to why this was done, and it left the rest of the party scratching their heads. Most attributed it to her forest heritage; they assumed the big city was making her a little crazy. With the party loaded up in the wagon and Merielle on the horse, they rode to Flip’s meeting point. The party discovered that Flip had arranged for them to meet in a small clearing. The scene was surreal when they first laid eyes on it. Flip was sitting near the fire, seeming as if he was waiting all night. All pretense of friendliness was gone from his face; he looked incredibly deranged. His smile was far too wide, and it did nothing to diminish the hunger and greed in his eyes. To add the the strangeness of the scene, he was gently stroking a deer. He offered the party a chance to flee and sever all ties with him, provided they turn over the Orb that they ‘stole’ from Brenud. Not willing to relinquish such a powerful and mysterious item, Edgewalker demonstrated exactly what kind of power Flip was missing out on. Reaching deep inside himself, he unleashed his strongest spell, only to find that Flip was never standing there in the first place. The party didn’t get an opportunity to see Flip’s reaction to their counter offer, but he apparently considered it a rejection of his proposal, and immediately sprung his ambush. More battle-crazed humans as well as a guard drake (disguised as the deer) were called upon to destroy the heroes. Flip himself harassed the party throughout the entire fight, never leaving himself open to be attacked. It seemed like any time the party moved throughout the battlefield, they were harried by Flip’s dagger. After a long fight, Flip decided it was time to run, and the party decided it was time to chase him down and force him to answer for his crimes.

Tearing off into the forest, doing his best to keep ahead of pursuit, Flip never even had time to look over his shoulder. The entire party, spurred by their desire for vengeance, moved with him step for step. As Flip sensed how close the hunters were, he knew he couldn’t outrun the frenzied group, and he took to the trees; Agnew grasped the opportunity to show off his agility. Managing to shake Flip from his perch, he then disabled the halfling while the party decided what to do with him. Eventually reaching a consensus, they decided to turn him over to Quinn and The Breeze in hopes of gathering information from the high ranking Topaz official.

The party decided to wait until nightfall to bring the prisoner in so as not to draw suspicion, Merielle fell into a simple ritual, and summoned a comfortable campsite. Flip was left disabled and bound in the tent, and shifts were taken to watch for other travelers and escape attempts from their quarry. The rest passed uneventfully, and soon the party was ready to go ahead with their plan. Agnew raced ahead to alert Breeze that they were coming with some interesting cargo. He was bcught by surprise at the effectiveness of the guard; they somehow knew he was coming before he was even very close to the hideout. The guards summoned Shadow, and he immediately contacted the party. They arranged for an opportunity to collect Flip, and sent the party on their way again. A promise was made to get all the information they could out of him, and turn Flip back over to the party for judgement.

Adventure 6

This adventure began with Buldin begging his god for aid to refresh the party and allow them to immediately chase down the lost ‘prisoner.’ Not one to ignore his subjects, Moradin bestowed upon the party all of the benefit of a full night’s rest. Invigorated, Merielle and Edgewalker led the way down into the caverns under Sentry’s Hope, with Agnew and Buldin taking a more passive role. Down, down the party went. It wasn’t long before they heard strange sounds reverberating off of the walls. Disembodied laughter gave the party pause for a moment while they examined the possible sources. Having failed to discover anything, the party proceeded a bit more cautiously.

After about an hour of walking in near-darkness, an all-too-familiar hole is spotted. Examining the hole, the party fails to recognize exactly what could’ve made it, but with a sense of foreboding, they press on. Around the next bend, they see nearly a dozen of these holes, along with planks that seemed to be designed to cover them. It appeared as though some denizens of this area had some precautions against whatever was making these holes, but were long gone now. Knowing that holes meant monsters, the adventurers went to work on closing them up. The labor was too much for them, though, and before more than one hole was closed, the beasts sprung their ambush. An enormous Kruthik, bigger than any the adventurers had ever seen, burst from the nearest hole. An where there’s one, there’s many, which the adventurers confirmed moments later. Using their holes against them, Edgewalker managed to force the largest Kruthik down a partially sealed hole, leaving the smaller members of his brood vulnerable to the wrath of the party. While it was long before the largest breathed his last, things would have been much worse if he hadn’t been out of the fight as long as he was.

Once the Kruthiks were dealt with, the party continued along. They discovered a giant, ornate, obviously magical door. Edgewalker discovered that it was somehow attuned to his Orb, but decided that the mystery would be best solved another day; they had a prisoner to recover. Opposite the magical door was another door. This one, however, was completely destroyed by something. Slowly inching in the party discovered a strange figure, alone in the cavern, sitting in a chair and rocking back and forth. He was hugging his knees and muttering to himself. His eyes were bloodshot, and the party had to stare at him for a long time before he’d blink. He seemed not to notice them, until they addressed him directly. Merielle initiated a conversation, and his gaze snapped onto her immediately, not letting her go. He spouted nonsense for a long time. Slowly, the party started to gather information from him, to piece his shattered speech together. To get to the prisoner, a puzzle would have to be solved, but in the process it would kill the madman, and make the prisoner whole again. After easily solving the puzzle, the party is confronted by a carnage demon.

The carnage demon is delighted that it had been restored after the damage Quinn had done to it. It wasted no time in summoning two phantom warriors, and releasing his pair of mad bodyguards. The magic of the room aided and harried the adventurers in many unexpected ways. Once most of the intricacies were sorted out, the adventurers managed to take down the carnage demon. However, the summoned phantom warriors continued to harass the party, nearly ending the tale of Agnew outright.

With the prisoner destroyed (presumably an officer of Topaz) the adventurers return to the surface, again passing that mysterious door. Buldin says farewell to the adventurers, promising that they will meet and fight together again. Once Quinn is told of the story, he sends a few of his men to investigate, and asks the party if they will continue to help his cause. For whatever their reasons, the vote is unanimous: They need to bring down Topaz.

Adventure 5

The party is left on a wagon being ‘captured’ by Traya. When they come to, they find themselves in a building on the outskirts of Sentry’s Hope. The party is separated. Edgewalker is in a holding room with some comforts, and Agnew and Merielle have been wheeled out to stand before an assembly of a few wizards for an unknown purpose. The adventure starts from the point of view of the half that is with the wizards. From behind a magical barrier in the center of the room, with a door on each side, the wizards were observing that half of the party (Group A). The spell holding the party in the magical stupor is ended after the wizards’ concentrations break. An explosion rocks the building and the wizards immediately leave the room. The party awakens to see a magical duel taking place between a wizard who (presumably) just blew a wall up and the three who were observing Group A. This gives them time to escape out the door behind them.

In the holding cell, Group B has experienced similar issues. Traya has shown her face, and explains that their organization is under attack by wizards and assassins. She apologizes for having knocked them out, but it was necessary to prevent anyone from knowing where the hideout is. She laughs darkly; not that it helped any. She offers to join you to help save anyone from the ambush, to escape the base and kill as many assassins as possible. Traya gives you your equipment back, minus a thing or two that Topaz gave you. She claims that they had scrying devices in them, which is where the other half of the party is. Topaz must’ve been able to figure out where you were before they found all of the magic. They were able to neutralize one or two spells, but other items have been completely destroyed. She explains that the treasury is ahead, and she will offer you anything there that she can salvage. As Group B heads from the guard room to the barracks they join a fight in progress.

Group A escapes to what looks like a storage room. Immediately they see the room is full of shadowy invaders. Those nearest to the door are blasted by a fireball that came from another room. Combat is engaged. The heroes of Group A eventually overcome the assassins in the storage room, and notice a hallway to the west side, and another room to the east. They hear a shout of denial from the “Guest Room” and move to investigate. They see a heavily battered wizard, seemingly the source of the fireball from earlier. He shouts to them that they’ve escaped with their prisoner, though you have no idea what he means. He calms down a bit, and seals a hole that was blasted through the wall. He claims that this is not the only point of entry that the invaders used, and says that they should probably search for reinforcements upstairs. The wizard reads a scroll and the doorway to the north collapses. He sighs at the waste of magic and loss of his fellow wizards. Two of his friends died on that side of the door. He tells you to call him Shadow, and you hurry out of the lower level of the building.

Once Group B has fought themselves out of the Barracks, they search the treasury. There they find a few useful items, as well as some coins the guild has been saving. Traya pockets most of these, but gives the party gold for each member. Traya says that when she left the mess hall, some defenses were still left standing, and she hopes they are holding out. The scene when the party enters the mess hall is desperate. A few dead bodies resembling the ones in the barracks, as well as a few dead defenders lie near the north door. A cleric is keeping the east door supplied with waves of healing magic and spares a glance behind him. Things look like they are in hand, except for the sound of frantic fighting from the north hall. He looks relieved at the prospect of reinforcements. He yells that a member of the defense has driven into the hallway to buy some time. See if you can’t rescue him! The party enters the hallway as a berserker is full into his rage. He has just decapitated a member of the invading force, and looks as if he would not be stopped. Just then, you notice a wizard wiggling his fingers as an acid arrow plows into his eye. Still the barbarian parries the blows of the invaders. He is finished off with magic missiles pumping into his body, and a thief getting behind him to stab him in the back. Many enemies are in this hallway, and it looks like this is going to be a dangerous battle.

By this time, Group A rushes up the stairwell. They hear the furious barbarian fighting, and dying, and arrive at the scene as battle is about to begin. Shadow yells to Traya that he is okay, but the situation downstairs is lost. With the advantage now, the adventurers and their two newfound friends take down the force in the hall. Even flanked, the invaders call upon some powers deep within them that seem to stem from madness. The lower ranking invaders employ swarm tactics without any concern for defense, while the others attack with mind powers and fight when any sane human would’ve succumbed to their wounds.

When the battle is over, Shadow pulls out another scroll, and reads it to collapse the door again. He says it’s the last one he had, but they’ll need time to get to the main floor with everyone that’s still alive. The situation in the mess hall is still under control. Shadow tells Buldin to go and see who he can save back in the barracks, claiming that he’s got about twenty minutes till the invaders break through from the basement again. He adds an instruction to see if he can spare a spell to keep an invader alive, he’d like to see how they took his outpost by surprise so easily. When the mess hall is clear of foes, Shadow tells the remaining forces to assist Buldin with the wounded and the potential prisoner. The adventurers, he and Traya are going to cut a path up and out. The kitchen is cleared of invaders, all of them having piled into the mess hall in an attempt to break through. A large hole is located in the middle of the floor, and upon looking up, another hole is above. Traya mentions that the room directly above is the entrance to the building, and that more invaders must’ve gotten up there somehow.

Shadow perks up a bit as the party is running up the stairs. He remembers that it’s early evening, and that is the time when many in the building practice swordplay in the sparring room. They would have been more than ready to defend themselves. For the first time since the party woke up they don’t have to save the day upon entering a room. The discipline in the troops is evident as they hold the two doors in the hall. Only two bodies are needed to hold a door, so when one becomes wounded or winded, another would take his place. A quick conference between Shadow and the member who seemed to be organizing the defense has the group heading for the sparring room searching for the other half of the defenders. A few decided to take a break in the rec. room, according to the coordinator. They had their weapons on them as well. A quick bulrush into the sparring lounge by the defenders has players able to get their bearings, and pick their targets. An illusionist has two defenders fighting each other, and Shadow is engaged trying to break the spell. The party quickly mows down the opposition.

Once the sparring room is won, the remaining defenders go back to reinforce the position in the foyer. Shadow says to slowly begin pressing into the room so that no reinforcements could come up that way. He mentions that Buldin is down on that level, but he may be busy with the wounded. A search of the room shows a few dead defenders, one or two killed in the initial attack, and one killed while the party was making their assault. The door to the lounge has been shut and seemingly barricaded by the feel on the other side. The party breaks their way into the door, and discover that the situation in the lounge is exactly like the situation they left in the hallway, except the roles are reversed. Defenders are attacking the remaining invaders in the lounge, and the adventurers help them finish the job. Once that is taken care of, the adventurers take the foyer from both sides. The door bursts open and a single man in nondescript clothing walks through. Though the assassins are surprised to see him, they are upon him as soon as they gather themselves. The unarmed man moves like a snake, leaping into the air and taking two with a kick to the face each. The devastation spreads quickly as defenders rush in from all sides and crumble the assassins.

With the situation well in hand Shadow lets out of cry of frustration. He knew that the invasion to the upper level was just a diversion, and that they would find no high ranking attacker upstairs. He mentions he wasn’t willing to let his friends die, but still, he conveys his frustration. Traya inquires as to the status of the prisoner. Shadow shakes his head. Now is not the time to discuss this. The players still feel like bystanders in the events swirling around them. A few archers and crossbowmen are seen below firing at the invaders who are temporarily trapped downstairs. Buldin and a surprising amount of survivors join the party upstairs. The not-so-average man looks impassive as he stares at the devastation.

A quick conference between Buldin and Shadow relates what happened above and below. The man who entered late was answering a summons from the monastery in the city; a summons that was apparently non-existent. Buldin found that many in the barracks who fell were easily healed, and even nods his head towards a prisoner that is being held by two men. This one hardy even got bloody before he fell to the ground. No healing even needed, he’s a whiney one. The monk approaches the prisoner and stares at him. He asks the man if he knows of him. The man shakes his head. He asks how the troops got in, and how they managed to impede on his meditations. The man shakes his whole body this time, apparently fighting some compulsion. Soon Quinn, the monk, has the information he needs. Apparently a nearby building, a mansion owned by the family, “Wermont” was taken by force quickly and quietly a few days back, a day or so after the adventurers were brought here. Using a series of magical holes and mechanical tools a tunnel was constructed adjoining the two buildings. Additionally, powerful magic was used to lure Quinn away from his prisoner, one only he could control. He laments about his lack of foresight. He eyes Buldin and mentions something about more than just his race being good with underground tunnels. He closes his eyes and begins to think.

He asks how much the adventurers know about what is going on. Obviously, there was no time to inform them, so he considers this to be the most important thing. He assures them that he does not blame them for the attack. It was his lieutenant mages that should’ve caught any scrying devices or trailing group. Shadow shifts uncomfortably, though Quinn mentions what’s done is done. He asks for your silence, for there is not much time before he must act if they hope to regain control of the prisoner. Quinn fills the party in on exactly what has been going on behind the scenes since they started working for Topaz.

Buldin and Shadow make impatient noises behind Quinn. He mentions that he has wasted too much time. Quinn shakes his head and laments that they are too passionate to see what is necessary. Without the knowledge or motivation they will never acquire help. He asks if they thought of a plan while he was ‘wasting time.’ Obviously the enemies were not prepared for Quinn’s abrupt return, or for 3 strong adventurers to be helping the cause of retaking the house. Shadow proposes that Quinn, Traya and he take a force and lay siege to the Wermont estate. This will keep the assassins from getting out with the prisoner, and keep them busy while the real attack goes on. Buldin can lead the party through the tunnel and use the access against them. A quick and quiet group in the tunnel to silence any rear guard and infiltrate the mansion would mean certain victory for the Breeze. Buldin thinks it’s a good idea, except for the group of killers currently fighting their way up the door. Shadow sighs and pulls out yet another scroll. More magic wasted today than in the last year. A patch of “heavy” air appears above the hole. This will allow the adventurers and Buldin to get the drop on the attackers, literally. They are advised to lead with ranged weapons, and told that the last five feet of the drop will not be slowed.

Adventure 4

As the party parts ways with Lazerus, (he claims to have business of his own to attend to) Agnew, Merielle, Edgewalker and Kimith find themselves back in the Hobgoblin’s Demise. As it is wont to do, it has attracted yet another adventurer with a desire to bring justice to foes. A wise, slender adventurer named Jaroth joins the group. Jaroth immediately becomes involved with the party’s quest, and begins unraveling the mystery of the encoded letter the players received from Strife. The pitiful code was no match for the wits of the heroes, and they immediately knew where they had to be next.

Never ones to be caught unprepared, the heroes took time to scout out the location of their planned ambush while the sun was still high in the sky. As Agnew meticulously scouted an abandoned house, and the rest of the group looked around the ‘farm,’ the wheels in their heads began turning. They knew they needed to go back to town, and prepare for battle.

The party acquired help from the locals in a few different ways. They commissioned Raleigh the blacksmith to make some supplies for them, and they also recruited a few friends to their cause. Satchel was convinced to stay, and his brother, Pierce was hired to lend a hand. Additionally, Strife and his small band of thieves still loyal to him offered their blades for the cause.

The party spent hours preparing the battlefield. However, even the most carefully laid plans could go awry once the heat of battle becomes a reality. Having rigged the abandoned home to explode, the heroes failed to lure their enemies inside. The force opposing them was simply too large to manage, and the battle deteriorated quickly. Thankfully, the physical strength of the party outweighed the mental lapse, and their enemies dwindled before them.

When his elite bodyguard fell, the leader of the enemies, Brenud, performed a dangerous ritual. Summoning multiple elementals to do battle with whomever they wish, he then began summoning something even more sinister. To complicate things further, the explosive trap they acquired set fire to the house.

However, these adventurers were not ready to give in. Edgewalker leaped off his perch on the roof to bring Brenud’s ritual to a devastating end. Throwing Brenud into the fray with his frightened horses, he then continued to use his skills with Eldritch magic to end Brenud’s life. Jaroth nearly perished, however a joint effort by Kimith and Merielle kept him standing and allowed him to continue the punishment he was dishing out on enemies. And all the while, there was Agnew, stabbing and charging his foes until there were none left standing. In an act of heroism, Satchel risked his life to prevent the house from exploding, possibly injuring all of the party members.

When the smoke finally cleared, and the (multiple) fires died down, Traya showed up unexpectedly on the battle field. She was very worried by the prospect of the ambushers becoming the ambushees. She told the party that they should meet her outside of Heron, and that it was time to head to the capital of the region, Sentry’s Hope. The adventure ended with the players being knocked out cold by a combination of arcane and divine magic. The thoughts that cross everyone’s mind is, how could they be betrayed when they don’t even know whose side they’re on?

Adventure 3

The party met up with Flip again in Heron at “The Hobgoblin’s Demise,” a local tavern of great reputation. Flip broke the news that Enna and Beird went missing in the night, and were nowhere to be found. Two new mercenaries were with him however: A paladin named Kimith (Kim) and a ranger named Lazerus (Ant Sr.). Introductions were made, and the party went off in search of information.

The heroes decided to split up to cover more ground. Agnew and Lazerus went to the blacksmith, a half-dwarf named Raleigh who greatly supported Topaz, while the others went to visit a local merchant of great renown, Traya. They both had some information to offer, and all signs started to point to the Docks District of Heron. This is where all crime originates in the area, and that’s where the party was heading.

Immediately upon entering the docks district, the party was confronted by a group of thugs requiring protection money from the heroes. Little did they know, no one was up for paying. Soon, the corpses of the thugs made for a good welcome mat as the group entered the Docks. The party got a tip from a beggar that a certain building always had suspicious activities centering around it, so that’s where they headed. The perceptive Lazerus noticed a sentry standing guard on top of the building. Agnew discovered a hidden alleyway and beckoned for the party to follow. Agnew and Lazerus snuck up the side of the building, and promptly incapacitated the guard. With the guild blind, the heroes entered the building.

Kimith, Lazerus, Edgewalker, Merielle and Agnew cut a swath of destruction into the guild. First clearing out the armory, then the mess hall, they freed a captive who was forced to cook meals for the guild. The cook gave them a key to access the higher levels of the guild, and requested that the party find his prized spices. As the party went upstairs, Agnew noticed and disarmed a trap meant to shoot an arrow at the first passer-by. In the middle of their explorations, the leader of the guild attacked! A half-elf Bard named Strife sang his songs of compulsion while his minions ambushed the party. Kimith and her mighty arms held five foes at bay while Strife and his pet wizard were dealt with. Merielle weakened the opposition with a plea to her god, while Agnew and Lazerus carved holes in the backs of their foes. Edgewalker simply did not give his best performance, but still managed to finish off a warrior or two.

The party left off with Strife bargaining for his life. He has much information to offer the party, as well as a great sense of the underworld of Heron. Strife claims to have a lead on where the ‘meeting point’ mentioned by Brenud is, but says that work needs to be done before he can fully figure it out…

Adventure 2

The party used the note to spring-board them into their next adventure. Flip, the party’s guide, tasked them with discovering what the ‘usual way’ is, in addition to finding the meeting point mentioned in the note. However, while the caravan stopped for the evening to rest the horses, disaster struck. A small group of highwaymen ambushed the group, but apparently sorely underestimated the strength of the guard. The apparent leader of the band escaped with some treasure, while he abandoned his minions to fight their way out. While Beird and Enna bravely defended the caravan, Merielle, Agnew and Edgewalker went on a chase to recover stolen jewels, and bring justice to the leader. Along the way, a few misadventures occurred. Apparently underestimating the awareness and intelligence of his foes, Agnew threw a torch down a network of tunnels that immediately alerted the Kruthiks in the surrounding area. The fight was long and bloody, with Merielle exhausting nearly all of her healing magic, and Edgewalker frantically cursing and casting. Eventaully, the foes were brought down, and the chase resumed.

In the forest, an unforeseen ally was discovered in the form of a small psuedodragon. He helped the party against a small pack of hyenas, and directed them towards their quarry: Before the party stood a large, elaborate divine building. The chase led here, and the party climbed and jumped their way up to the courtyard of the place. Inside they found an insidious Doppelganger who attempted to impersonate Flip. Not biting one bit, Agnew immediately flew into combat. Merielle again called upon her god for divine healing magic, and Edgewalker absolutely destroyed one of the Doppelganger’s minions. Sparing the life of the last member of the bandit group in return for some information, the party moved on to explore the abbey. Having discovered that this place was meant to worship the evil god Zehir, Merielle could not let the place stand. Agnew and Edgewalker, sensing danger, fled the place as Merielle smashed the magical heart of the structure. The abbey came crashing down, and the party barely avoided a crushing death.

Adventure 1

The party, under the guidance of Topaz, has been very successful. The task of reclaiming the raided cave seemed like child’s play to the mighty group. They discovered a tunnel that was previously unknown to the occupants, as well as a small goblin group that was routed by the heroes. The tunnel, though infested with foul stirges, was easily navigated by Agnew(Matt1) and Enna(Jess). The goblins happened to be split up at the time, and the first group was silenced quickly thanks to a dual effort by Agnew and Edgewalker (Ankur). In her eagerness to continue the rampage, Merielle (Krista) used her Fey Teleportation, right into a group of goblins! Again, this proved no challenge for the heroes when Beird (Matt2) cast the goblins into cold darkness with his icy cloud.

In the cave the party discovered a note on a male human that read as follows:


I am leaving this note nearby where we made our exit because the hole could not be held open any longer. You have taken too long in scouting the cave, though we were going to leave you to do some additional scouting anyway. We will retrieve you in the usual way. Just exit out the front of the cave and wait at our meeting point in Heron. The spoils have to be delivered to the client as soon as possible, so we may be a few days late. See what tales you can stir up about our deeds here today, it’s good to get the people talking of Topaz failures. Regards,



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