Glinting Topaz

Adventure 6

This adventure began with Buldin begging his god for aid to refresh the party and allow them to immediately chase down the lost ‘prisoner.’ Not one to ignore his subjects, Moradin bestowed upon the party all of the benefit of a full night’s rest. Invigorated, Merielle and Edgewalker led the way down into the caverns under Sentry’s Hope, with Agnew and Buldin taking a more passive role. Down, down the party went. It wasn’t long before they heard strange sounds reverberating off of the walls. Disembodied laughter gave the party pause for a moment while they examined the possible sources. Having failed to discover anything, the party proceeded a bit more cautiously.

After about an hour of walking in near-darkness, an all-too-familiar hole is spotted. Examining the hole, the party fails to recognize exactly what could’ve made it, but with a sense of foreboding, they press on. Around the next bend, they see nearly a dozen of these holes, along with planks that seemed to be designed to cover them. It appeared as though some denizens of this area had some precautions against whatever was making these holes, but were long gone now. Knowing that holes meant monsters, the adventurers went to work on closing them up. The labor was too much for them, though, and before more than one hole was closed, the beasts sprung their ambush. An enormous Kruthik, bigger than any the adventurers had ever seen, burst from the nearest hole. An where there’s one, there’s many, which the adventurers confirmed moments later. Using their holes against them, Edgewalker managed to force the largest Kruthik down a partially sealed hole, leaving the smaller members of his brood vulnerable to the wrath of the party. While it was long before the largest breathed his last, things would have been much worse if he hadn’t been out of the fight as long as he was.

Once the Kruthiks were dealt with, the party continued along. They discovered a giant, ornate, obviously magical door. Edgewalker discovered that it was somehow attuned to his Orb, but decided that the mystery would be best solved another day; they had a prisoner to recover. Opposite the magical door was another door. This one, however, was completely destroyed by something. Slowly inching in the party discovered a strange figure, alone in the cavern, sitting in a chair and rocking back and forth. He was hugging his knees and muttering to himself. His eyes were bloodshot, and the party had to stare at him for a long time before he’d blink. He seemed not to notice them, until they addressed him directly. Merielle initiated a conversation, and his gaze snapped onto her immediately, not letting her go. He spouted nonsense for a long time. Slowly, the party started to gather information from him, to piece his shattered speech together. To get to the prisoner, a puzzle would have to be solved, but in the process it would kill the madman, and make the prisoner whole again. After easily solving the puzzle, the party is confronted by a carnage demon.

The carnage demon is delighted that it had been restored after the damage Quinn had done to it. It wasted no time in summoning two phantom warriors, and releasing his pair of mad bodyguards. The magic of the room aided and harried the adventurers in many unexpected ways. Once most of the intricacies were sorted out, the adventurers managed to take down the carnage demon. However, the summoned phantom warriors continued to harass the party, nearly ending the tale of Agnew outright.

With the prisoner destroyed (presumably an officer of Topaz) the adventurers return to the surface, again passing that mysterious door. Buldin says farewell to the adventurers, promising that they will meet and fight together again. Once Quinn is told of the story, he sends a few of his men to investigate, and asks the party if they will continue to help his cause. For whatever their reasons, the vote is unanimous: They need to bring down Topaz.



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