The Battle of Sentry's Hope

Much of what can be found on Sentry’s Hope’s main page can help explain the beginnings of this battle. Refer to that for additional information.

Historians maintain that the battle officially started once the dwarves placed the first stone of Gravity Keep. Imbued with new hope, the settlers formed a militia the likes of which the gnolls have never seen before. Every able man (and woman, if she did not have a family to look after) took up a sword, any held back and invaders for a full week. This gave the dwarves time to finish the first level of the keep, and gave everyone a safe place to rest.

After that week, a lull occurred in the attacks. The dwarves continued their work, and the fortifications grew stronger. Every day, brave settlers would go scouting for any sign of the attackers. At night, a man by the name of Peld would keep watch on the single watch post the dwarves built. The man went without complaint, and never requested anyone to split the watch with him. People began calling him, “The Vigilant Watcher,” but he just preferred “The Sentry.” With each passing night, his post grew stronger and stronger. His dedication inspired others to join him in his watch. Soon the small watch post became a guard tower. Then the guard tower became a long stretch of battlements, and soon, the only way one could see out was through the many arrow-holes in the structure. Of course, being unsatisfied with such a paltry view, Peld demanded that they build a replica of the original watch post on the highest part of the structure. Each day, both the size of the watch, and the hope of the people grew stronger.

Three weeks after that first bloody push, a scouting party didn’t report back to the keep. Peld and his band of watchers knew that an invasion would be forthcoming, but their habits didn’t change. Peld stood up on his watch post, just like he had for the past month or so. That night felt like the longest night the settlers had ever spent in the keep. The seconds crawled by. Each sound seemed like the drawing of a blade, or the crashing of a boulder. The only one who didn’t seem bothered by it all was Peld, standing there like a statue, surveying his land.

It was he who first noticed something was amiss. He noticed shadows attempting to cross the river to the east of the keep. This was the hour he had long awaited. He lit the beacons to signal his guard that they needed to make use of the arrow holes. However, with their limited vision, they could not see where the enemy was advancing from. Peld directed their shots to the forces crossing the river, then steered them elsewhere as the full gravity of the situation hit him. The ogres were coming on in force, more-so than ever before. Wielding huge stone clubs, dozens of the brutes stormed the keep, while another number of them ‘peppered’ it with huge boulders. Peld had more than a few close calls as giant rocks skipped past him, many set aflame.

At this point the militia in the keep stormed out to attempt to stop the flow of ogres. Peld had to be very careful with where he directed his artillery, so as to not hit his allies. With the combination of dwarven engineering, human ferocity and one man’s unwavering spirit, the humans held the ogres back. The force crossing the river dissolved into chaos under the barrage of arrows directed by Peld. Evidently, this was noticed by the Ogre shaman, Kruk-Thak. With a mighty heave of a javelin, set aflame with divine magic, Kruk-Thak ended the short legacy of the mighty Sentry. Far from being broken, the defenders were whipped into a frenzy that gave even the ogres pause. Eventually Kruk-Thak was surrounded, and hacked to pieces by the enraged humans. Since that day, the Sentry of Gravity Keep has been a favorite tale to tell small children of the town. They sit around the story teller, and filled with inspiration when they hear about the mighty Peld and his vigilant watch.

With the threat ended, the town flourished to become what it is today. Some say that the progeny of the gnolls who used to ransack the lands still come out in number every so often, but are no longer a true threat to this great city.

The Battle of Sentry's Hope

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