The center of most events in the adventured. Topaz is a large partnership of merchants who have recently begun many ‘hostile’ take-overs throughout the region. Of course, hostile is strictly a business term, and they come in peace to whomever will support their endeavors.

The Glinting Topaz’s largest base of operations is somewhere far east of Heron. Word of mouth says that they no longer happily accept visitors to the town, and they are producing weapons and armor at unheard of speeds.

Topaz originally sent out the call to obtain the manpower they needed to defend against the Terrorist Group that is causing them no end of trouble.

As of now, Topaz seems to have forgotten the heroes, and is simple adding them to their statistics of the dead. It matters little to them, there are plenty of people willing to put their life on the line for some good coin.


Glinting Topaz Wormskull